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Open House Dublin 2009: Next Generation Architecture

Featuring 160 building tours, events, talks and workshops, Open House Dublin 2009 epitomises a generation of architects and architecture that have emerged from an era of unprecedented growth.

This year’s Open House Dublin theme of ‘Next Generation Architecture’ takes a look at the legacy of the Celtic Tiger years, showing innovative buildings that could point the way to more sustainable development, as well as inventive and ingenious (and often small-scale) work by the current young generation of architects.

Returning this year after last year’s massive success is Open Debate (8 October, Liberty Hall Dublin), which this year asks Can Architecture Save the World?, and educating children about the value of architecture is a focus of this year’s Open House Junior with a series of exciting workshops. Open Space returns with a diverse programme of walking, cycling and boat tours, and Open Minds, an extended programme of talks and exhibitions, explores topical issues.

Image of the Church of St George & St Thomas by Alice Clancy