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Nose to the Ground – Colloquium at Queenʼs University Belfast 2014

28th February
10:30 – 17:30
at Elmwood Hall at Queenʼs University, Belfast
Free event booking essential, you can book you ticket HERE.

Full programme can be found HERE.

The colloquium is part of a series of events hosted by Queenʼs University in collaboration with the Naughton Gallery and Arup to celebrate the life and work of Queenʼs graduate Peter Rice. Rice is widely regarded as Irelandʼs most distinguished structural engineer of the late 20th century.

The ambition of the Colloquium is to provoke discussion, awareness, and hopefully understanding, as to the potential of design and creative thinking to contribute to the development of our society. That contribution might be twofold; firstly the release of human potential being inherently ethical and desirable, and secondly the beneficial role of creativity within a competitive global economy. These two strands impact on the both the immediate design and delivery of a built environment, but perhaps more critically have implications for coming generations in both their development as individuals and their economic well being within society. In this sense all of us have a responsibility as practitioners, commissioning agencies, educationalists, and policy makers, to raise expectations and put in place that which would allow the coming generation to thrive and bloom.

Nose to the Ground is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by Queenʼs University in collaboration with the Naughton Gallery and Arup for more information please visit this website.