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Kumamoto Artpolis: Architecture Through Communication

Free event.

Kumamoto Prefecture is a medium-sized prefecture with a population of 1.8 million, situated in southern Japan. “Kumamoto Artpolis” is a programme operated by the Local Government Authorities of the prefecture since 1988 up to the present. They call for young and energetic architects to design public buildings such as museums, schools and hospitals to enhance the local culture through architecture and to raise the awareness of local people towards regional development and revitalisation.
This unique programme as a method of local revitalisation has been widely recognised and praised, and awarded more than 70 prizes both at home and abroad. More than 70 images and sketches of Kumamoto Artpolis will be displayed at the RIAI. These images represent the creative design of the Japanese architects who participated in the project.

The highlight of the exhibition is “Ushibuka Haiya Bridge”which was designed by the renowned Irish architect Peter Rice with Renzo Piano and Noriaki Okabe in the 1990’s. It is 13.6 metres wide and 883 metres long with girders 5 metres in height. The curved surfaces of the windbreak and the bottom of the bridge help to break down the five-meter height of the girder into three parts, creating a rhythmical pattern of light and shadow. The white windbreak flaps, which face upwards, form a rhythmical series of delicate mirrors, reflecting the changing light and colour of the sky.

Photo of the Ushibuka Haiya Bridge by Shoichi Ishimaru, K.A.P

Kumamoto Artpolis: Architecture Through Communication is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by the Japan Foundation, and in co-sponsorship with the RIAI for more information please visit this website.