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IAF at the Places Matter conference


Street Craft Workshop

24 March, 2pm-4pm, at the Cathedral Parish Centre, College Street
Booking: engagement@architecturefoundation.ie

Residents and regular users of College Street and Old Dublin Road in Carlow are invited to join architect Deirdre Greaney and Places Matter conference attendees for a practical and creative workshop which will shine a new light on these streets. This is an active workshop which encourages participants to look at a street with new eyes and to use both digital and paper based strategies for recording and reflecting on the craft of streetmaking and the often overlooked details that make streets great. Workshop participants will be assigned to teams connecting local knowledge with the creative input of conference attendees, and each team will be given a spatial and design element to explore. Themes include urban design, age friendly places, biodiversity, walkability, accessibility, spatial justice and heritage.

This workshop is free and includes lunch from 1:15pm. Further details will be provided to booked participants.

The outcome of this workshop will be available for use by local stakeholder groups to feed into the development of their streetscape.  The workshop will be led by the Irish Architecture Foundation and architect Deirdre Greaney. 


Reimagine Café: Spatial Justice

25 March, 12:15 and 2:20pm, at VISUAL Carlow

The IAF’s Reimagine Cafés are a space for conversation about place, community, and the design of the built environment. This Café will be facilitated by Dr Sindy Joyce and will focus on Spatial Justice, a framework which connects space and place with social justice. Our designed environments have encoded in them the legacy of the biases and prejudices of a population, reinforcing and perpetuating structural and societal inequalities in our day-to-day lives. Who gets to have trees, benches and bike lanes on their street, and who gets housed beside industrial sites? How does this reflect on us as a society, and what can be done about it? This Café will be a chance to think together, learn from each other, and plant the seeds for further action. 

The Café is open to registrants of the Places Matter conference.

The full conference programme and booking link are available on the VISUAL Carlow website.