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IAF Members Talk: Irish Landmark Trust

Turning ‘befores’ into ‘afters’ with the Irish Landmark Trust
Thursday 8 December, 6pm, IAF HQ Auditorium, 15 Bachelors Walk.

Join the IAF and Irish Landmark Trust for this very special members talk on Thursday 8 December, IAF HQ, with Mary O’Brien. Just ahead of its 25th anniversary, and using a lot of images, Mary will take the audience through Irish Landmark Trust’s story: the ups and downs, the challenges, lessons learned, and the excitement of turning ‘befores’ into ‘afters’. Along the journey, the heartbreak of losing nationally important properties will be highlighted along with the thrill of the story of Irish Landmark’s first gifted property.
If you would like to attend please email shauna@architecturefoundation.ie

Images: Irish Landmark Trust