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IAF Members: April Tour


‘Building for the Middle Classes – the development of Drumcondra’

Last September, we took a look at how Dublin Corporation went about creating its new suburbs of Marino and Drumcondra in 1930s with Dr Joe Brady (UCD). This walk will look at how the Drumcondra area was developed for private housing.  This story starts a little earlier with the efforts to create a township in the late-nineteenth century but our main focus will be on period to the end of 1930s as builders such as Strain and Linzell attempted to put their particular stamp on the area.  In the latter years, their competition was not only with the public utility societies who were building nearby but also with southside developers who were keen to cement the southside as the more desirable location.

Our walk will last about 90 minutes or so and details of the route with starting and finishing points will be circulated later.