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Housing in Common workshop


Change of date: This workshop will now take place on 2 February, 2-5pm.

Inspired by the idea that there could one day be a Citizens’ Assembly on Housing in Ireland, this free workshop invites a diverse group of people with different personal experiences of housing to ask, “What do we have in common on housing?” and “How can housing contribute to our common good?”

A structured workshop will explore these questions and responses to them over the course of an afternoon (2-5pm), with each participant taking away a booklet of ideas and insights that we produce live on the day.

The workshop is structured in order to:

– Listen to housing concerns, with a discussion of who we all are, what our experience of housing has been, and the issues we each feel are most pressing. What concerns have brought us each here?

– Define housing themes and generate housing ideas through fluid workshop discussions, with participants free to move around from theme to theme and suggest, discuss, and evaluate possible ideas that respond to the questions we pose for ourselves.

– Identify housing actions, with a closing discussion asking what next steps can be suggested to make the group’s ideas into reality, and who should hear about them or act on them.

We believe that everyone has a valuable perspective on housing, but that not everyone is asked to share it. We are looking for people who are willing to be open about their own experiences and expectations of housing. We want to increase the variety of perspectives being heard. We are trying to identify issues, ideas and actions that matter to people. We want to know if housing brings us together or divides us.

The workshop will be fluid, with plenty of chances to chat. Food and drinks will be provided, but participants are encouraged to make and bring something to share.

Facilitator: This workshop will be led by Stephen Musiol, an architect who works on housing.

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Visitor information:

The gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 12-5pm, Saturday 2-5pm until 17 February 2023 (but closed for the holidays 18 December-2 January).

Admission is free, and no booking is required to see the Housing Unlocked and Workers’ Villages exhibitions.

Free, drop-in tours take place every Tuesday and Thursday, 1pm and Saturday, 3pm.

Accessibility: Entrance is at ground level. Some displays are on the first floor. Please ask the gallery attendants to guide you to the lift if needed. Audio recordings of Housing Unlocked exhibition panel text are available via QR codes on the panels and on the exhibition webpages for the displays.


Housing Unlocked is a partnership between the Irish Architecture Foundation and The Housing Agency, sponsored by The Housing Agency with additional support from The Arts Council, The Land Development Agency, the New European Bauhaus, and venue partner Trinity College Dublin. The exhibition and public programme are curated by the Irish Architecture Foundation.



Photo by Vera Ryklova.