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From the Ground Up: Timber innovation in Irish architecture


From the Ground Up will tour to the Tallinn Architecture Biennale (1-30 September).

This photo exhibition is a unique showcase of Irish architecture and design practice, which over the past two decades has firmly established itself with flair on the international scene. Irish architects are contributing to global conversations and responding to continued social and environmental needs with new methods of construction technology, social innovation, and a deep consideration for how people live.

Wood is the most versatile, renewable, and sustainable resource on the planet. From the Ground Up aims to raise awareness about this material and the architects that are passionate about using it.

The spaces chosen are right at the centre of everyday life, providing accommodation for living, for working, for creative production, for education, for leisure, and for worship.

The selection of projects collectively represent design skills that respond to current issues in the built environment. Through the use of timber, they focus on new construction technology, craftsmanship, sustainability, economy of means, and generosity.

From the Ground Up features (in alphabetical order)

This touring exhibition is curated by the Irish Architecture Foundation and created in partnership with the Embassy of Ireland in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

From the Ground Up opened for the first time at Riga Technical University’s Faculty of Architecture this May. It will be exhibited in 2 locations in Tallinn during the Tallinn Architecture Biennale and will also tour to Vilnius and additional locations to be confirmed.

In Tallinn, the exhibition builds in particular on existing relationships between the IAF, Estonian Association of Architects, Estonian Centre for Architecture, and the Irish and Estonian curators and architects in the There is a forest in my backyard exhibition, which ran at the Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, from January to March 2022 and will also feature in the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in September. From the Ground Up will strengthen and extend this collaborative network and further showcase Ireland and Irish architecture to a wide and diverse audience across the Baltic States.

From the Ground Up forms part of the three Baltic Embassies’ broader architectural outreach programme, which includes a variety of in-person and online events to harness local and regional capabilities and resources. We are delighted to be partnering with the Embassies to showcase world-class Irish architecture and architects working with wood and to help tend the seeds and saplings of future collaboration.


Photos: (top) From the Ground Up opening at Riga Technical University. By Andra Marta Babre, courtesy of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

(bottom) Exterior of the Põhjala Tehas venue, a repurposed boot factory. By Patrik Tam, courtesy of Põhjala Tehas.