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Exhibition of the 2014 AAI Awards

Launch 27th May
from 18:00 to 20:00
at Irish Architectural Archive,
45 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Winners of the awards will be officially announced at the launch of the exhibition, which features a showcase of this years Downes Medal winner, the highest AAI award attainable, alongside other winning entries and special mentions.

The AAI Awards are the only peer reviewed architecture awards in Ireland that publish the critical discourse which takes place among the assessors adjudicating the awards.

The intention of the AAI awards is to encourage higher standards of architecture throughout the country, to recognise projects that make a contribution to Irish architecture, and to inform the public of emerging directions in contemporary architecture.

Since 2000, a 5-person jury comprising of an architectural critic, a foreign architect, two Irish architects and a distinguished non-architect have judged the awards. The composition of the jury ensures a balance between an international perspective and an understanding of the particular context in which Irish architects work.

The 29th AAI awards jury consisted of:
Justin McGuirk – Architectural Critic – www.justinmcguirk.com
Adam Khan – UK Assessor – Adam Kahn Architects
Mary Laheen – Irish Assessor – (2013 AAI Award winner), Mary Laheen Architects
Andrew Clancy – Irish Assessor – (2013 AAI Downes Medal winner) Clancy Moore Architects
Karen Hennessy – Distinguished non-architect – CEO Design & Crafts Council of Ireland

A book accompanying these AAI Awards will be published later on in the year and will have a separate book launch.

The exhibition has been curated by young emerging talents:
Steven McNamara (Roji Designs)
Darragh Breathnach (VAV Architects)
Michael Hayes (2ha magazine)
Donn Holohan
Elspeth Lee

Exhibition of the 2014 AAI Awards is NOT an IAF event and is delivered by the Architectural Association of Ireland for more information please visit this website.