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Welcome to DIYStudio, an initiative for secondary school students as part of Project 20x20 - Respond.

DIYStudio introduces you to architecture and guides you through the design process in stages: Explore, Research, Design, Present, Reflect.
You will have the opportunity to design your own architectural space, learning and experimenting along the way. All you need to get started is internet access, paper and a pencil!

Start and finish anytime, DIYStudio is an ongoing project.

Share your ideas on Instagram or Twitter using the following hashtags – #IAFarchitecture #DIYStudio #Project20x20

The resources shared through DIYStudio are part of the Architects in Schools Student Handbook. The handbook was developed though the Architects in Schools initiative, and along with the Facilitator Handbook was published by the Irish Architecture Foundation in 2019.

Teachers & Architects: Download the Facilitator Handbook

Click to download Explore – Architects in Schools

Activity 1: Be Inspired – A Virtual Tour
We invite you to take a virtual tour of world architecture!
Resource: http://www.mydesignjournal.ie/students/be-inspired/

Useful starting points for your Virtual Tour:

Activity 2: Space Study – A Familiar Space
Look at a space in your home or in your immediate neighbourhood in a new way!
Resource: http://www.mydesignjournal.ie/students/space-study/

Some inspiration for your Space Study:


Click here to download Research – Architects in Schools

Activity: Design Brief – What? Who? Where?
When an architect designs a building or a space they work from a design brief – this is a set of instructions for the design project. This week you will be doing some independent research in order to write your own design brief.

What will you design? Think about function. What activities will take place in your building, large or small? What would be useful for our society right now? A new type of social centre, a socially distanced sports facility or a community hub?

Who are you designing for? Yourself, your family or friends, a local community group or a local business adjusting to a new way of operating?

Where will your design be located? Due to the current restrictions on movement, now is a good time to explore your local neighbourhood. Is there an empty site or a disused building nearby? Visit your site and make some quick sketches. Note the orientation and local building materials. Explore the site on google maps.






Click here to download Design – Architects in Schools

Activity 1: Concept Design
Now that you have completed the Research stage, it’s time to start designing! You know what you are designing, who you are designing for and where it will be located. A concept is a main idea or starting point for your design, in response to your Design Brief.

Resource: http://www.mydesignjournal.ie/students/design-idea/

Activity 2: 2D Drawing
The next step is to develop your concept design ideas through drawing. Try out some freehand sketches to express your ideas! Drawings are a very useful part of the design process as you can see the design taking shape.
Resource: http://www.mydesignjournal.ie/students/2d-drawing/

Activity 3: 3D Model
Modelling your idea in 3D will help you to think about the spaces, structure and form of your design. You can use everyday materials (e.g. cardboard, food packaging) to explore your ideas. Minecraft and SketchUp can also be used to design virtual 3D spaces.
Resource: http://www.mydesignjournal.ie/students/3d-model/

Click here to download Present – Architects in Schools

Presenting your design project gives you the opportunity to share your ideas. Share your work on Instagram or Twitter using the following hashtags – #IAFarchitecture #DIYStudio #Project20x20

Activity: Prepare your Presentation
How will you tell the story of your design? Consider the reasons why you made your design decisions – refer to your Design Brief (Who, What and Where?). You can take photographs of your drawings and models and share them online. What images work best to communicate your ideas effectively?

Click here to download Reflect – Architects in Schools

Reflecting on your work is an important part of the design process.

Activity: Reflecting on the design process
What inspired you most about the design process?
What new skills did you develop?
What would you do differently in the future?

, Research, Design, Present and Reflect are part of the Architects in Schools Student Handbook. The handbook was developed though the Architects in Schools initiative, and along with the Facilitator Handbook was published by the Irish Architecture Foundation in 2019.

Click here for more information and to download the handbooks.

If you have any questions please email us: learning@architecturefoundation.ie

Architects in Schools is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, the Department of Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht, and the Department of Education and Skills.

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