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2019 Programme Talk

City Conversations

Welcoming architects, arts collectives, collaborative practitioners, activists, sociologists, planners and geographers, the City Conversation series explores how arts and architectural initiatives engaging with broader civic expertise can animate the public sphere and reimagine our cities, town and neighbourhoods. We particularly encourage practising architects, artists, planners, geographers and other professionals with a keen interest in more socially engaged and collaborative forms of architecture to attend.

The first City Conversation takes place on May 30th and features Architects Leticia Lozano (Mexico) Ryan Swanson (US) , Social Enterprise CEO Kate Stewart (UK) and Pete Vance (UK), of Creative Producers International, a cohort of international producers. These guests will explore how producers, artists, architects and community organisers and activists can more effectively make artwork in and for the city of the future, discussing successful and unsuccessful case studies in cities around the world, through the prism of The Playful City ethos. The conversation will be chaired by Nathalie Weadick, Director of the Irish Architecture Foundation.


The contributors will also be leading the City Change Masterclass, curated by Michelle Browne as part of her collaborative arts programme ‘The Citizen Cycle’, offered for 15 producers, artists, designers, architects and community organisers and activists who are interested in working in the built environment.