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2019 Programme Open Call Opportunity Public realm Reimagine

Deadline approaching for Melt the Walls submissions

The IAF have a new programme called Reimagine… Through Reimagine the IAF works with a number of local communities across Ireland who have come to us with a challenge or issue they see in their locality and we work with them to co create an architectural/ design solution.

Tallaght is one of these town.

The Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) in partnership with South Dublin County Council (SDCC) Arts Office and Tallaght Community Arts (TCA) are running  a new and exciting open competition. We are now launching an open call for architect-led multidisciplinary teams to explore how our public spaces in Tallaght can be better integrated with their neighbour and local civic spaces.

We want to use creative strategies and potential architectural interventions to find a way to better connect people, places and organisations in and surrounding Chamber Square in Tallaght town. We want to increase collaboration and engagement between these institutions and their immediate neighbours and, through increased activity, enhance the spaces in Tallaght. The institutions we refer to are Rua Red, Civic Theatre, Tallaght Library & County Hall and Tallaght Community Arts (TCA) (but could also include The Square, Tallaght IT…). The place we refer to is the open space called Chamber Square on the doorsteps of Rua Red, Civic Theatre, Tallaght Library and County Hall. The people we wish to engage are the immediate neighbours to Chamber Square: the people and families living in the apartment buildings surrounding the square, who do not yet engage with the institutions in large numbers.

Rather than coming with a preconceived notion of how to immediately connect people, place and institutions, we began this project with started an investigative process to establish how the people living in the immediate surrounds of Tallaght’s cultural amenities and the regular users might begin to use these amenities more, or how these amenities might serve these people better. Our mission is to ‘melt the walls’ between the institutions themselves and between the institutions and their neighbours.

The Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) in partnership with South Dublin County Council Arts Office and Tallaght Community Arts present a competition for the commission of an architectural or designed intervention for Chamber Square, Tallaght, Co. Dublin for September 2019

The winning team will begin work on this collaborative project from July 2018 with final delivery for September 2019 and with a budget of €19,000 will create something imaginative and memorable to highlight the importance of this public space.

The deadline for submissions is midnight Friday 28  June.

Application form can be found here:

Application Form

More information here:

Melt the Walls Open Call Final

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