IAF & BT Young Scientist Special Award

The IAF are thrilled to launch a new partnership with the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2017 through the creation of the first ever BT Special Award for projects relating to Architecture and the Built Environment.

In a bid to explore the theme of sustainable architecture and green technologies within the IAF’s National Architects in Schools Initiative (NASI), and to bridge the study of architecture with the STEM subjects, the IAF are partnering with BTYSTE 2017 to present a Special Award, with the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs for Sustainable Design and Innovation in the Built Environment, sponsored by the Government Policy on Architecture 2009-15.

This new venture will connect us to an audience of 50,000 primary and secondary level students, teachers and principals, as well as higher level educators and industry professionals. In addition to the presentation of the Special Award at the January 2017 event, we will hold a stand in the exhibitors hall for the duration of the exhibition in January (11th – 14th), where we will engage visitors in the mission of the IAF and the NASI, and will hold architectural model-making demonstrations for teenagers at various times throughout the day.

To launch this project, we have created a promotional video featuring architecture, engineering, education and policy specialists who talk about the importance of sustainable design and built environment education at second level, and how the Special Award will make a positive impact. You can watch the video HERE

We hope you can be part of our new journey with BTYSTE. Follow our news and updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and join us as we explore the realm of sustainable architecture and green technologies with Ireland’s next generation of young thinkers, doers and change makers!

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